Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a great break

I've been back in Florida for awhile and only finally getting around to posting. It was really a great time. I saw a great number of friends and family, a new year befell, my sister got married, I climbed two more highpoints, and my wife and I picked up a "new for us" 1990 Volvo with only 40,000 miles.

Getting up to Virginia was a blessing in itself. A wonderful family in our bible study was heading up to Harrisonburg for a winter ski trip. They were taking a van and had room for Zoe and myself to tag along. This was great because we were picking up the Volvo to drive back down. Krisha was able to get a cheap plane ticket and meet us up a week later.

In Harrisonburg, another great family friend let me stay with them and borrow an extra car they had. Zoe had a fun time playing with their kids. Zoe even met a horse that she enjoyed sniffing. While in Harrisonburg, Zoe and I also traveled over West Virgina and conquered Spruce Knob.

It was then down to Richmond, where I met up with Krisha and celebrated Christmas with Krisha's extended family. Zoe got to meet two dachshunds here. Unfortunately, they did not get along very well. Much barking was heard.

Then it was over to Roanoke. I headed over to Mt. Rogers and climbed that highpoint, which was absolutely beautiful. (If you want to read more about my highpointing trips and see some pictures, go to www.climbinghighwithbrian.blogspot.com.

Then the real fun began. A large group of college friends got together. There were multiple games of Settlers of Catan. (Unfortunantly, I had lost my touch and could not pull out a single victory. Andrew also joined me as the Supreme Losers of Catan. Josh would be the Supreme Lord of Catan with two wins.) Bar none, the best event was the White Elephant exchange, which included such gifts as a taxidermy dog, pickled pig's feet, and items from Chris France such as an IPOD, computer, and underwear.

Next, it was over to Fredericksburg for my sister's wedding. While in Fredericksburg, Zoe got to meet her future bullie husband, Wyland. Wyland was one of the things that inspired Krisha and I to get a bulldog. He lives across from my parents. If they ever to have babies, we plan on calling the boys, Wylies and the girls, Zoelands.

The wedding was beautiful and I'm very excited for the newly married couple. They invited me to read the Scripture for the wedding, which I was grateful to be a part of. The selection was Jonah 2, which is the prayer that Jonah says from inside the great fish. The concluding verse in this chapter is, "Then the LORD commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah up onto the dry land." This will probably be the first and last time I get to say the word vomit at a wedding service. If you want to know how Jonah 2 fits into a wedding service, you will have to track down the groom.

Krisha and I are now back in Orlando. She just finished a Hebrew class and did very well. I have one year of seminary left to go. And then it is off to ....