Monday, February 28, 2011

Save the drama for ya mama

My sis uses the phrase "save the drama for your mama," which makes me laugh every time I hear it! So, Nu-Nu, this one is for you! And everyone else who wants to be humored by my kids' drama.

I've been trying to capture on film the essence of my kids. And by "essence" I mean cuteness, energy, excitement and strong bond between them. And sometimes photos just don't do that. In fact, I could barely believe the first video until I replayed it on my camera. I have trouble explaining to people how "active" my kids are. After all, I think most 8 month old babies sit on a blanket and occasionally crawl to reach a toy to gnaw on. But this video reminds me that my kids are exceptional. Exceptionally energetic, exceptionally CUTE, (sometimes) exceptionally loud, and exceptionally DRAMA(tic)! haha.

This one is entitled "Sugar, much?"

This one is called "Just how do you keep your furniture SO clean?"

This one we call "The Tongue Wiggle"

And finally, Sophie entertains us with her "blinky thing" that she does. You can tell Chase & I think it's funny.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toddler talk

So Chase likes to help me feed Zoe and give her treats. I showed him how to tell her "off," or rather scream it b/c she's practically deaf. So Zoe waited and then when Chase told her to "take" she grabbed it from his hand and started chomping.

Chase: "Mommy, she don't yike it." (pointing out how Zoe's treat is falling out of her mouth all over the floor.)
Me: "No, sweetie. She's just a messy eater."
Chase: "But she don't yike it!"
Me: "No, she likes it, she's just messy."
Chase: (pauses to think) "Yup, she's messy."

Brian: "Who created you"
Chase: "God created me."
Brian: "What else did God create?"
Chase: "Evvy-ting"
Brian: "Why did God create you and everything?"
Chase: "For His Glor-wee!"
Brian: "Chase, how many Persons are there in the Godhead?"
Chase: "Treeeee!"
Brian: "And who are they?"
Chase: "Da Faw-der, da Son, and da Ho-wee Ghost!"
Chase: "I wanna see Kathryn Jackson" (he says them as if they are one person, b/c they do come as a package)
Me: "Honey, I don't think they are gonna be there."
Chase: "Jackson not gonna be there. He's at work."
And the latest sayings:
"Maybe yater" (maybe later, which is his response to everything I ask him to wait on)
"I want see Soap-ee crawl" (meaning he wants me to let Sophie crawl in the floor)
"Thank you!" (one I never get tired of hearing even if he misuses it like when I ask him to do something and he does it for me and then tells me "thank you!")
"Ay welcome" (a.k.a. "you're welcome")
"Hey guys, whatcha doin'?" (When he comes in a room)
"Brian!!!!" (yelling at daddy from the top of the staircase, followed by Brian saying "Um, I'm dad. Not Brian, buddy."
"...And then I can get a treat?"
"with a happy heart!" (used when we ask Chase to obey all the way, right away, with a happy heart.)
"She's cyute" (mostly in reference to Sophie or Miss Val)
"Daddy, I want pancakes!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chase's take on the Nativity

So the main present we gave Sophie & Chase for Christmas was a Little People Nativity. I thought that it would be a good, tangible way to help them grasp the Incarnation. I mean, it's hard to grasp as adults, so if little brightly-painted figurines that make good teethers for infants and invitations for toddlers to use their imaginations and humor their parents, then so be it! In Chase's mind, it made sense for Mary and Joseph to take turns on the roof (rather than the angel Gabriel who normally sits on a button that triggers "Away in a Manger"). And notice that Chase calls Mary "Murray". Not to be confused with the monster "Murray" on Sesame Street. Of course not.

Not pictured: the sheep and donkey who are in same proportion to the camel, & the very "pc" 3 kings (one black, one white, and one Asian)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little Sophie Owl

Before Sophia was born, I was looking and looking for nursery decor and trying to find something that would fit this precious baby who I hadn't met yet but had felt jiggle around inside of me for 9+ months. I naturally thought of birds since she was my little chickadee. Since then I have refined my thinking both based on her name and her appearance. She is still my little birdie, but more specifically, she is my little owl. There are many ways Sophie resembles an owl. She is (for better or worse) very nocturnal and stays up into the wee hours and still insists on feeding in the middle of the night. Sophia means wisdom and everyone's heard of the wise old owl! She is a people watcher and likes to gaze from her various perches (be it crib, johnny jumper, high chair, or exersaucer) at people. Not just to watch them but to have her very large, bright eyes meet theirs. Even as a tiny baby she was this way. And now take a look at these pictures where I think she looks like a baby owl with her soft rounded face and large, twinkly, uninhibited eyes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Not wasting any time here!

Month seven was a BIG month for Sophia. Growing her hair long enough for a barrette, eating solids, cutting some teeth, and learning how to chase Chase were all part of her agenda!

So within the same week (at 7 months!), Miss Sophie went from crawling to sitting up by herself to pulling herself to stand! And I don't mean just standing in the crib where there are grips but using things like our ottoman to pull herself up. She sure doesn't waste any time! And now she makes a B-line for Chase's toys!

Her favorite things are bouncing in the johnny-jumper and getting into Chase's toys while standing at his train table.

She laughs at Chase when he gives her "high fives" through the pack 'n play.
Not sure if she'll be a dancer (like her mommy), a gymnast (like her Aunty Jen) or a mountain climber (like her daddy)... One thing is for sure. This girl is full of energy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bon Appetit!