Thursday, April 08, 2010

Trip to the zoo!

For Chase's birthday, hubby took a half day and we decided to take Chase on his first excursion to the zoo!! He loved the terrain (stepping up steps, on blanks, climbing up benches, and then there's the playground!) I don't think he was that into the animals although he did notice the birds and the bright yellow snake.

Mill Mountain Zoo- Choo

Chase was a little apprehensive about going on the train, but hey he gets his cautiousness from me (Krisha). I can already tell that there are personality traits where he is just like his mama: he tends to enjoy a new experience once it is over with rather than being excited during the unknown. I think he liked watching the "choo-choo" go by more once he got to ride on it, but you'd never know by his concerned expression. That and the sun was in our eyes in every photo.

Porcupine that is much bigger in real life than I expected

I must've been thinking of all the cartoon ones I've seen. (The sign stated "does not shoot needles" ... whew... cuz I thought that wouldn't make a very good bday present.....)

Mommy and Daddy

For all curious of just how big my belly is getting

Chase petting an unidentified animal- zebu?

Here piggy piggy!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chase's Birthday, Asher's Baptism, and Easter Sunday!!

We had an eventful Easter Sunday as we celebrated the Risen Lord and how our nephew is signed and sealed with the mark of baptism and Chase just turned two years old!! All of these things are HUGE and worth celebrating!

We have tons of great pix:

Chase enjoying his Uncle Bryan


Papi, Asher, Renu, Grammy B

Papi & Asher

Renu and her precious little man

Chase praying before a meal (I think this one was on his actual birthday.)


Chase enjoying his Elmo cupcake

Chase scarfing the green cupcake

4 little birdies

So, I've been in the mood to create some art lately and my friend Kim passed along a neat project she had seen on another blog. And since the theme of our little girl's nursery is birdies, I thought I would start creating some art along those lines.

Here's the canvas in the yellow playroom

I took the initial photos of it while it was drying. It actually looks good against the walls of our dining room. The glare is from the mod-podge reflecting the flash.

Another shot

There is it on the toyroom wall. You can see it from our kitchen and from our front room which I like. (Just ignore the clutter and pretend you see some cool curtains up there.)

Here's a close up of our family. I realized the canvas needed something at the bottom so I went for some grass and 4 little birdies (notice how daddy bird has the worm). Baby girl is in the back.
We already counted her so she'd better come!

Detail of floating leaves and birdhouse (all using scrapbook paper)

This piece is for our toyroom which is the main room I spend my time in with Chase and my nephew Asher. It got pretty boring looking at blank walls that weren't colored and there was no real style to the room. We started by painting the room a creamy yellow. Thanks hubby for your help!! After we painted, I still felt like the room wasn't what I envisioned. Our toyroom definitely needed a focal point or at least something to distract me from the yellow walls and earthtoned couches/carpet. I usually have the vision of what I want a room to look like in my head, but it usually starts out looking far from it until all the details come together. (I guess that's no surprise as I am a details kinda person.) I kept envisioning our play room to be brighter and cheerier but also with some modern homemade art on the wall. I like simple designs with richness in color or pattern, so you'll notice that this tree is made of circles (of patterned scrapbook paper). I bought 2 packs of canvases which were incredibly cheap at A.C. Moore's. I had some leftover dark brown paint from a project I did two years ago. The only part that needed painting was the tree and if you saw what utensils I scrounged up around the house to paint that, you'd probably laugh. I'm sure it wouldn't have killed me to spend 99cents on a new paint brush but I has already gotten out all of the materials and was taking advantage of Chase's naptime. So I went for it! I kept telling myself that there were "no mistakes" b/c it's my art and it's a reflection of imperfect me! And that's part of the beauty of it.

Now I'm on the search for a valance or curtains that will go well in that room. I'm sure I'll be sitting in there A LOT when baby #2 comes along!