Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy at play

So I've been wanting to do more paper collage art for our playroom since I had the supplies and it's relatively easy. You might remember my birdy themed tree that is up in the play room. (Must clarify that daddy bird does not have a mustache (ehhm Kim!), but rather a worm since he provides for our family.)

I spend most of my day in our playroom with the kiddos, so it's always nice to have something inspiring in there. I also thought it would be nice to make a piece that Chase would like as he's finally at the age where he's recognizing things and commenting on them. So I did a transportation themed piece with cars, trucks, planes, tractor, and even a choo-choo train! Yep... can't say train anymore without saying choo-choo first. I'm really 29, I promise!

So when I asked Chase what each of them were (b/c he knows what they are when he sees the toy or the picture), I told hubby I might cry uncontrollably (NOT!) if he didn't recognize my attempt to do bubbly retro-looking transportation. He got the cars (still "car-na"); he said "bus" for the truck; and he said "train" for the tractor (probably b/c it is towing a wagon which has more wheels and anything with several wheels he thinks is a train). And the train he just looked at me funny like "that's not a train mom!"
(Mommy crying on the inside. Just kidding. No crying. Okay maybe a little. )

Sunday, July 25, 2010

fun bday presents

This year I got some really fun bday presents to celebrate the big 2-9. :)

A new ride... for the kids, that is. I am still holding out for a Swagger wagon ( HAHA. :) Thanks Mom & Dad.

A new place to ponder. (Thanks Susan! Check out the pretty cushion. I think it goes well since our front door is that color blue.)

A gift certificate for a massage (thanks, hubby! How did you know?! Prob b/c I always say that!)

A "green" hand woven basket (made of japanese paper). It's pretty cool and I think it might inspire me to organize our mail since I had been looking for a place to put incoming mail. I'm always looking to organize so any cool container is a perfect gift for me.

A bulldog card- thanks Hubby!

A bottle of my favorite coffee-flavored liqueur.

A mango kulfi pie from mom. (For you non-Indians, that's like Indian ice cream)

A visit from my BFF from high school! :)

And the best gift of all... a new baby girl!


So I definitely saw an ad for something called "booty pop" that shows a skinny white girl before and after she uses the device. I would post the link but I didn't want sketchy pictures connected to our blog! It's even on youtube, though I wouldn't suggest that men look it up. Well, I'd like to say that we Whiteds, though we may be caucasian, don't find much need for it. See for yourself:

I think Chase should be a model for one.

...Okay, maybe he had a little help from Pampers and his kiddie pool.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of visits

Lots of visits in the past few weeks:

Grandma Whited

Ruby the Tiger ( I didn't invite him inside.)
Chase & Sophie

Uncle Bry & Aunty Nu-Nu & Asher

Great Aunt Jean & Great Uncle Lee

Grammy B & Papi

Dada & Sophie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miss Sophie is 1 Month Old!

Our baby girl is one month old! I can barely believe it! She has grown so much and already looks different from her birth photos.

Here are some stats at birth:
Height: 20.5 inches (86%)
Weight: 7 lb 0.5 oz (32%)
Head size: 13 inches (14%)

Now just a month later:
Height: 21.8 inches (68%)
Weight: 9 lbs!!! (42 %) That's about 2 lbs in 1 month!
Head size: 14.5 inches (40%) That means her head has grown 1.5 inches in a month!

For all those moms who care, she's actually a great sleeper at night. She has even slept through the night twice already but for the most part wakes up once around 3a.m. ish. But I guess if you are a morning person and go to bed early (read:NOT ME!), than you might count the midnight feeding as one as well.

Here are some shots of her in her nursery even though she is still sleeping in her bassinet.