Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just to prove my point...

This one dates back a month or so but was so funny I had to post. Humor is a value I've grown up with all my life. Chase conveniently learned to shake his head "no"... so I thought I'd take advantage of his cuteness!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chase thinks mommy is funny!

Chase for some reason was in a giggly mood and laughed every time I said "Boog-a-boo!" and pressed my nose against him. Maybe he just thinks my nose is funny!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chase Live!

Here is a video of Chase saying "hi" and waving.

Chase is 9 months!

I realize that I haven't updated anyone in a while on what Chase is doing these days. I kinda forget how much he is actually doing until I look through the videos I took on the camera.
  • He kneels and just enjoys sitting on his knees.
  • He loves pulling up on things and climbing up me!
  • He will take about 4-5 steps crawling and then drops to his tummy to do the army crawl.
  • He is very entertained by his car and has grown less apprehensive of his ball popper.
  • He is waving and babbling hi (He actually waved to the TV during the inaugural address at the end when the crowd waved. I'll try and upload a video later.)
  • He recognizes Grammy B and Papi (even with his beard), Aunty Nu-Nu and Uncle Bry
  • He stills sucks his thumb like a champ!
  • His hair has gotten curly/shaggy in the back. It's so cute! (I think he's trying to be like Jim on The Office.. you know business in the front and party in the back... or wait, is that a mullet? )
  • He LOVES being tossed into the air by his daddy.
  • He does this funny thing where he throws his arms out and screams and then looks at his hands in wonder as if it's the first time he's ever seen them. We think he might be composing ballads to the cute Latinas in all of his babybooks. hehe (He developed this skill while Brian was saying grace at dinner and Chase proceeded to do it more when Johnny and Chris France burst into laughter)
  • He loves playing with Zoe and knows her by name. He likes to go to the doggy gate and pull himself to standing to visit Zoe. (Yes he may walk b/f he crawls.) Zoe is quite enterntained by Chase too. I'll try and upload a video of their interactions.
  • He has graduated to a big boy bath (no baby tub) and a big boy carseat.
  • He gets in pushup position a lot with his knees locked and bum straight up in the air.
  • He makes lots of noise even though he fools everyone by acting quiet in public.
  • He is still eating pureed baby-food but isn't too keen on anything thicker than that! He's definitely a drama king when it comes to eating something he doesn't like! Wonder where he gets his picky eating habits from? :)
  • His hair is still light brown... not real sure how you get golden brown out of two dark-brown/black-haired parents with siblings and parents who all have dark hair.... I guess it could still turn darker.
  • He's still an amazing sleeper and I thank God for that!
  • He likes to pull his VeggieTales into his crib and have conversations with them.
  • He laughs at certains words on some days and then other words the next day. He's a sweet kid and I cherish our moments together.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

This is a little late, but Brian and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary. How do you summarize your gratitude and joy of 4 years of marriage? Brian, I love you so much sweety. I don't say it enough. You've been there for me through some pretty intense emotions, some roller-coaster highs and some dark valleys. We've shared lots of laughs and I think we've both learned to laugh at ourselves a lot more! Here's a quick re-cap of our precious 4 years of marriage! So glad to be on this journey with you!!

Our engagement where you caught me totally by surprise!

Our wedding: The happiest day of my life!

Our honeymoon in the D.R. where you made me do my MJ dance to win some vino.
"John Travolta after the hurricane, with no money. And for you a donkey, and never come back!" ( I didn't put the bathing suit shot of us...not because we'd be embarassed but more like envious that we don't still look like that!)

Lunch dates in the park near your work in B'water. Remember the psycho squirrel?

A silly photo on reddish knob!

Our first Sunday in Sunny FL as a seminary couple! I had so much fun moving in and painting with you!

Enjoying the view from our balcony in Oviedo.

Since we were on the kissing theme...A ridiculously funny shot of you with Zoe, our prized bully. (I'm not sure who has the underbite in this one. hehe)

Our getaway to Vero Beach! I love this photo! I fee like Alice in Wonderland.

Our Ft. Lauderdale trip where I was preggo and little burnt! What a fun boat ride.
Our India trip where you had your beard and I had my belly (6 mo preggo just to clarify.. oh and lots of Indian food.)

Bringing Chase into this world together! What a sweet photo.

Chase Alexander admiring his hero.

Our first date after we had Chase!

Your graduation from seminary. So proud of you.. but remember I still beat your GPA. Remember Chase shrieking as the RTS President made his speech? Yep that was our kid.

Our trip to Corolla with our JMU friends.

Finally back home in the mountains of VA!

Our first Christmas as a family of 3 (+ doggy)

Love you Hub! Happy Anniversary!