Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Rocket, Rocket Shooting to the Moon"

Where were you this morning at 2:28am? I was up past my bed time watching the Space Shuttle Endeavour lift off into space. This was my first night launch and my first launch where I was on NASA property, a mere 3 miles away, thanks to my friend Erik getting us onto the property. (Usually, general public has to watch from 10 miles away.)

It was really quite amazing. The whole sky lit up so much that it was like an overcast day. You can watch a video I took of the launch below. And if you have a good bass system, turn it up and get rocked. By the way, does anyone know the reference of the title post? It comes from one of Krisha and my favorite CDs, "Slugs, Bug, and Lullabies." Especially great if you have a little tike (which is probably about 75% of my readership.)

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I think I'm seeing spots... check out the nursery!

Seeing spots? That's because our nursery is full of dots, dots and more dots! And maybe some stripes too. This is Krisha and it's my first post.

Brian and I have been working hard to finish the nursery. Our last several weeks have been filled with assembling new gorgeous furniture (thanks to Mom & Dad Jay, Mom & Dad Whited, and aunts Sharon & Alice), repainting a toy chest (yet to be finished), hanging mobiles and fun stars that I got from India, and washing all of the baby clothes (majority from Aunt Jean!). One of the elephant mobiles is shown hanging but I am still deciding how to hang the camel mobile over the crib. Surely the room has to have hints of India considering baby Chase has been there to visit all of his Indian family.

I included a picture of the Indian outfit aunty Sabita gave our baby!! Isn't it cool? I'm so excited about how colorful everything is as I'm sure I'll be spending lots of time in there. Did you notice that even the boppy matches the bedding? (Thanks Beth for the boppy and thanks to the Musselwhites for the gift card which I eagerly spent on this fun bedding!)

I am supposedly 34 weeks today. I say supposedly because I think Chase will come early... well, if he doesn't then I may deliver a very large baby. I like to think his enlarged cranium means he'll be a child prodigy. Maybe another Einstein, although I think the wrinkles in your brain are more important....Or perhaps at least a very cute bobble head.