Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chase and Sophie

Chase busies himself with learning lots of new words. He talks constantly and his vocabulary is now more intelligible; he is speaking in sentences like "I read book", "Star song please" (meaning the Twinkle, Twinkle little star song) , or "I wanna play Titus & Siah" (his current bff's) or "Papi go in black car" or "Daddy at wreh-k (work)." He is starting to do things for himself: getting into his carseat, putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, asking to pray, helping with putting away silverware, washing and drying his hands, brushing his teeth, cleaning up his toys, etc. Still no potty training, but I'm okay with that. He is mimicking more words. I used to say that Chase was not a people-pleaser. He would never try to do things for a reaction from us or to hear praise. He would simply do them in his own timing. I joke with Brian that Chase gets this from him. I (sometimes to my detriment) am SUCH a people-pleaser! I remember trying to make my family laugh at a young age so I could get a reaction out of them.

I am pleased that Chase all the sudden seems interested in repeating words we are teaching him. Before it was like pulling teeth to get him to learn words. He would purposely refuse to say words we knew that he knew (like his own name and his sister's name). Funny sidenote: Brian tricked him the other day to say both his own name and his sister's name. He told them that the birdy on the book was named Chase and that the other bird was Sophie and of course Chase fell for it and said his name and his sister's for the first time!! But then when Brian said, "Hey Chase, what's your name?" Nothing. "Chase, can you say 'Chase'?" Silence (with a smile).

Now he is more curious and will point to things and repeat the word once we tell him. He also likes singing songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "My God is so Big" and "Hush Little Baby." Even though I HATE "Hush Little Baby." I guess it's not as morbid as "Rock-a-bye Baby," but seriously, the grammar and the rhyming in "Hush Little Baby" is h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. Everytime Chase asks us to sing it, I cringe at the "looking glass" that "gets broke" and the unrhymed "broke" and "billy goat" and how it seems like the composer ran out of ideas so they decided to use an animal with a cart twice. I mean seriously people?! (Ok, that's enough of my rant. Brian always rolls his eyes at my disgust for the song. But part of me does not want Chase to learn bad English! That's the linguist in me I guess.)

Sophie is now 11 weeks and getting cuter by the minute. She gives me tons of smiles and has the cutest dimples. She is very responsive and seems to like female voices the most. She does this things where she smiles and rolls her head around as if to say "I'm SO cute. I know." As my mom says, she smiles with her eyes too. (Her eyes squint, her cheeks raise and her eyebrows arch as if she's delighted to exist!!) She even makes little coos that sound like she's saying "hi." Thus far, she seems much more of a people-pleaser like her mama. (At her age, Chase would crack a smile here and there but he was pretty cautious and more serious.)

Sophie's two month stats:

Height: 24 inches 89th percentile (skinny girl tall girl!)
Weight: 11 lb 3 oz 44th percentile
Head: 15 inches 19th percentile (Whew. I thought that when her head grew so much from birth to one month, she was gonna be a melonhead!! But alas, she is small-headed again. Or relatively speaking b/c to me she still looks like her head makes up the majority of her bodyweight.)

Something really sweet happened the other day. I was holding Sophie as she was dozing during a meeting and her eyes shot open when she heard her daddy's voice after many people had been speaking and praying. I wasn't even standing near Brian, but I think she noticed his voice! So sweet.

I have really enjoyed getting to know my little girl. She has this adorable way about her. I love just kissing on her and watching her cute expressions. I love snuggling with her and swaddling her. My favorite time is late at night when she is swaddled and just starting to fall asleep. I put her in bed with me while I read and I look up from time to time just to catch a glimpse of her sleeping peacefully. Her little chest rises and falls as she breathes. Her arms and legs are tucked in like a little papoose. Sometimes she sleeps with her mouth open and her little tongue curls up so that I can see the underside of her tongue. Other times I play with her cute lips and she'll stay asleep but purses them in response to my prodding. She's a pretty sound sleeper and for that I'm grateful!

Chase giving Sophie a hug in her carseat.

Life with two is so many things. Exciting, dramatic, tough, exhausting, tender, meaningful, chaotic, unpredictable and yet predictable. I guess as humans we are all these things. We are in constant flux. So anytime you add another human to the mix you can expect more of all these elements of humanity. More joy, more pain, more blessing, more suffering, more opportunities to learn, more fits of boredom, more to adjust to, more to appreciate, more to sacrifice for, more to be blessed by. Babies are so simple and yet so profound. They operate on a perfect trust basis. Baby cries. Mom feeds baby. They don't resist being held for fear of being dropped. They don't question their authority (ok, at least under 9 months!). They don't have emotional baggage, or relational walls, or experience-based skepticism. They simply trust and receive. I have a lot to learn from them.

God bless my little babes in their sweet innocence. They are still sinful (no doubt!), but their hearts haven't been hardened in the same way. Lord, protect them from the hardening that makes us cynical, uncaring, selfish and disinterested. Keep their hearts tender toward You, towards their parents, and towards others.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." (Proverbs 4:23)

Friday, August 27, 2010

The set-up

You may remember this photo if you attended our wedding reception of Brian as a toddler falling asleep in his spaghetti....Well, we were at the beach and Chase had skipped his nap for the day. He was in a high chair when all a sudden his eyes rolled back and his eyelids started closing. I was initially alarmed b/c it looked like he was about to pass out and then I realized that he was just sleepy. Brian and I looked at him. Then we looked at each other. Then we looked at our table. What are the odds that the one time Chase is ready to fall asleep sitting up is the same night we had just eaten none other than spaghetti! We looked back at each other and then I could tell by the look in Brian's eye exactly what he was thinking. Or should I say plotting. We caught ourselves in a story-in-the-making that we could one day show at Chase's wedding! Or at least that's what we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better. :)

So mean, I know. I blame it mostly on Brian. But he said the tradition must be passed on and that Chase's future wife will get a good laugh. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


One word.


I could just eat her up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Corolla 2010

So many pictures!!!


meeting Aunt Cat,

snuggles with Grandpa,

hugs from Grandma,

stylin' on the beach blanket,

and a free ride to the dunes with Mama.


time with Grandpa,

Kenna, the collie. They had a love/hate relationship where he cried if he didn't get to see her b/f bedtime and asked for her first thing when he woke up, but then he'd scream "stop it" at her when she tried herding him by nipping his ankles!

snuggles from Aunt Cat when he woke up grumpy,

putting ping pong balls in a bucket,

putting a bucket on his head and making stars with Great Aunt Sharon, (Too bad we didn't get any pictures of Great Aunt Sharon playing with Chase. She and Great Uncle Chip kept him well entertained at the beach and found many a shell!)

coordinating his outfits with his recreation (jk),

playing in the sand,

and getting hugs from Aunt Cat (you can see where he gets his sparkly blue eyes from).


letterboxing and geocaching,

driving on the 4wheel drive beach and finding wild horses,

splashing through puddles,

showing Chase the sunset,

and visiting our friends, the Rogers! The oldest two were in our wedding! I can't believe how big they are now!

getting some rays,
(Yes, somehow my hair pulled back looked like a mullet in this photo but at least Sophie is darling.)

getting my feet wet,

taking naps with Sophie,

and reading!
(Krisha's enjoyment of this vacation was all due to the generosity and selflessness of the Whiteds & Webbs!! Without them no ray catching, feet-dipping, baby-lap-napping, or reading -beyond Elmo-would have occurred! Thank you!!!)

Nostalgic Month of Reunions

August was the month of reunions for me!! I got to hang out with 2 of my best friends from high school: Emily and Jess (a.k.a Baratta) and see how much Jess's lil guy has grown!
Aren't my friends beautiful?! Emily & I have been best friends since Preschool!!!! There's a funny story about me not telling her my name and I thought her name was Emmy Lee. Emily was truly my BFF from day one. We did sports together, played in the snow together, sat at lunch together, were at every birthday of each others- you name it! We seriously had SO MUCH FUN together!! She had like a bizillion pets in her house and I always have fun memories there!
And then Jess I met in high school when she transferred to Byrd and she actually remembered seeing me years before I met her. And Jess was the one who pretty much modeled Christ to me and would invite me to church. Her humble witness is one of the ways God's hand was in my life long before I knew Him or understood His goodness. These two ladies have blessed me so much. And they continue to do so! I wish we could have had our other friend, Katie, from high school join us. We all ran cross country together and had a blast. In fact, Em & Jess both ran with me on the team when we qualified for State!! We had such good memories together- running on the horse trails, going to get shakes at Sonic, dressing up as the Beatles and don't forget Jackson Five. Football games, sleepovers, school dances where Jess and Emily's dates found plaid suits from the 70's. Oh the laughs! Em & Jess even made me & Katie a video upon graduating from high school with soo many funny moments caught on video. Love, love LOVE these girls!

I also got to see one of my Indian cousins, Sumit, who practically grew up with us since he came to the states and went to Virginia Tech when I was in grade school along with his brother Mohit. Sumit and Mohit were like brothers to my sister and me because they crashed at our house on the weekends. They did the normal brotherly things: throw us around, wrestle, tickle us until we almost peed in our pants, and I have many a memory of curling up in their laps.

Hanging with cousin Sumit on our porch

The other "reunion" so to speak was at Corolla. We reunited with the Whited family and Sophie got to meet Grandpa Whited, Aunty Cat, Great Aunt Sharon, & Great Uncle Chip. And Chase was reunited with the dogs which he loved! More pix of that to come!

Cute of one of Miss Sophie smiling at me in her bath tub!

Upon returning from the beach, Chase was reunited with his cousin Asher, whom he LOVES!!!! They make each other laugh so much and Chase is constantly talking about Asher. Such a sweet friendship they have!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Wii dance party!!

Lately we have really enjoyed hanging out with our friends the Moore's. They have two boys that Chase adores and just had a little girl who is 2 weeks younger than Sophie. And this past weekend, we tried out their Wii and had a blast! It was pretty hilarious dancing together. Here are some pictures!
Val versus Brian

Val & I breaking it down (notice little Siah watching)

Chase playing with the boys' tunnel

Titus watching us pick the music

Val & I busting a groove

Bri versus Chris

Little Ellie watching us crazy adults

Sophie in Ellie's bouncy seat

Too bad the videos wouldn't upload!! Maybe later!