Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chase's pre-school Christmas program

 Can you find him? (It's like where's waldo.)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas photo dump

 Fireplace art
Sophie's manger scene
 Chase's manger scene
 Our tree
 No we aren't expecting. That's Zoe (the bully's) stocking in the middle.
 Chase in his "Papi-hat"
 New hat. New slippers.
 Zoe enjoying the madness
 Owl slippers or Owl purse... so many choices
 They both LOVED their Llama Llama books. Highly recommend them. 
The titles fit the kid too.
 Sophie with her new baby doll!
 80's are back people! Chase's "new" favorite toy!
 The boys racing cars
 Uncle Tyler helping Chase read
  Baby Brooks opening his gift
 Colin super-excited about his gift
 Chip & Sharon
 Sophie in her new hat
 Colin's curls
 Chase giving Aunty Cat a hug for his amazing gifts!
 Sophie snugglin' with Aunt Sharon
 Me and my baby girl
 Tuckered out

Christmas cookie extravaganza!

  Chase is like his mama. Meticulous and not wanting to waste any amount of sugar!
 First batch of decorated ones... Can you tell which are the kiddos?
 Nativity cookie
 All of us at work
 My fave! Owl cookie!
 Happy Bday Jesus cookie
This was Sophie's tray. Sophie skipped straight to eating her bowl of icing despite Grammy B & myself trying to convince her to put it on the cookies. When she proceeded to ask for writeable icing, I thought she'd finally gotten it. Until she squirted that in her bowl and shoved it in her mouth. She is my "stop and smell the roses and forget about the task at hand" girl. I appreciate that as I do not naturally enjoy the process of things. I am learning a lot from both kiddos.