Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween pretzel pops

Not big on Halloween, but any excuse to make something involving chocolate in the kitchen... now THAT'S another story.

My little helpers with their aprons on

Halloween Pretzel pops
  • put large marshmallows on end of a pretzel rod
  • dip in melted chocolate
  • dip in sprinkles or whatever topping you wish

My Taste-testers

Sign of approval

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chase funnies

Chase: "Where's the cat?" (neighbor's cat)
Me: "I don't know."
Chase: "I think he went to get food. At the store. Yeah he went to Krogers."

Chase to Sophie: "You're beautiful Soap-ee. You are a gerber daisy!"

Chase to me: "Hey mama. I just love you so much sometimes."

Chase: "I want a BIG marshmallow. Can Sophie have a treat? She gets a little marshmallow because she's a little girl."

Chase: "Daddy I need to hold you." (meaning he wants to be picked up by daddy)

Me: "Sophie do you want your sleep sack on over your pjs?"
Sophie: "uhum" (Exaggerated nod)
Chase: "Can I get the camera? I want to take a picture of the penguin!" (referring to Sophie with her sleep sack on)

Chase (post-bath): "Look mama! We are 2 nakies!"

Me: "Chase, do you know what those are called?" (pointing to Sophie's tights)
Chase: "Those are her chunkies!" (which is what we affectionately term babylegs in our household)

First REAL big boy haircut

Chase got his first REAL haircut when I decided that chasing him around the tub while he screamed and was left with a less-than-professional haircut wasn't "cutting" it; plus mommy had a TON of hair to cleanup. This was worth every $!


He looks terrified but he's actually just being silly.

After (with his treat):

So handsome! Looks like a little man!