Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday! To our Very Hungry Caterpillar!

 Happy Birthday Sophie!
 Sophie showing me the caterpillar's eyes
 Caterpillar mobile (Saw this idea and had to do it!)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcake plates (rather than making an elaborate cake, I invented an easy way to display them without needing any cake decorating ability. Whew.)
 Shot of the cupcakes on the plates
(don't you love the fuzzy part of the caterpillar's back)

rainbow lollypops

 Sophie's birthday hat
 The fruit pizza was a hit as were the chocolate-dipped strawberries.

 Waverly is just chillin' amidst the kiddie chaos.
 Cousin Colin hugs Chase's friend, Lauren.
 Grandma Whited and Cousin Brooks
 Lots of food!
 Lots of kids!
 Grandpa Whited holding baby Brooks
 Colin diggin' his lollypop
 Johnny wondering why I'm asking him to say cheese when his mouth is full
 Jackson, Asher, Sophie, Lauren, Josh, Chase & Colin
 Papi getting a turn to hold my nephew
 If only they stayed still. It was such a cute photo of the three of them licking their lollies-
Is that a word?
 "Like stealing candy from a baby?" I don't know about that. Look at that face. She looks like she might lay the smackdown on anyone who tries to steal her candy.
 ....and then she ate through ONE LOLLYPOP... but she was still hungry....
 Cousin Asher & Sophie (Aren't they the cutest? I know I'm biased, but....)
 Jackson in the swing waiting for a push
 Asher with the cutest look on his face
 Cristen and baby Waverly
 Brooke laughing as I tell her that I had to zoom out b/c I wanted a belly shot.
What a beautiful preggo!
 LOVE this photo! Look at all those blue eyes!
 Aunty time
 Grammy or as Sophie says "GAAAAAMMMMMY!!!!"
 Baby Brooks enjoying a toy plane
 Sophie and her funny face
 Mommy wanted at least one photo with the birthday girl. Sophie wasn't enthused but her gigantic cheeks make up for her pout face.
 I'm gonna get my kiss! Even if I have to steal it!
(Including another cute preggo. On the right! Not me!)
 Grandma Whited smiling for her son
 Aunty Cat caught with a funny face
 some "I just got fed" sweetness
 Sophie getting some Aunty Jen lovin' before bedtime
 Bedtime smiles
 Bedtime giggles with Aunty Cat
 Bedtime kisses 
(Okay, well Brooks almost got kissed by our bulldog. Good thing that gate was there.)
 Daddy snuggles

 Uncle Tyler dreaming of what it would be like to have a girl
Sophie kissing him and telling him that girls are so much fun!
Love you Soapy-Bopee! Happy 2nd birthday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby shower- full of Grace!

 Here are pictures from Grace's baby shower! It was so well-done with the elephant theme and all of the baby decor. I have to say that my favorite was the elephant cake and the AMAZING coffee punch!! My FL friends threw me a shower with coffee punch and a chocolate fountain and I remember indulging in those. And Brooke threw me a shower here for Sophie with some pretty fancy cupcakes that were each a different flavor! Aren't showers so much fun?! I wish I could eat and celebrate like that every day! Ok, well it's fun when someone else is carrying the baby in their belly.

Here is Grace! Isn't she beautiful?

 And here are the hostesses with the mostest!

 Look at the amazing cake and the baby pacis hanging from the cake platter! So creative!

 Is it appropriate to just stick my face in it? I guess only the expecting mama is allowed to. 
I told Grace I wouldn't tell if she did.

 Table with food & diaper cake

 Mama-to-be & Grandma-to-be

 It's a BOY!

 Here is Brooke chatting with Grace

 Canvas that Beth had made for baby Brooks

 Grace holding up the artpiece I made for Brooks' nursery

 Awesome mobile that my friend Kim so graciously made.
(It is similar to Sophie's birdie mobile which Kim also made along with all of Sophia's decor.) I wish I had Kim's sewing skills. I can only say I assembled it but that was easy since Kim made it with the ribbons attached! I love all things modern-baby-nursery!!! I can tell Grace loved it by her smile!
 Love this photo of Claire!

 I suggested we each give baby Brooks our favorite children's book so we could start a library for her (especially since Grace is a teacher)! Some of my friends did that for me and I LOVED the idea!

We can't wait to meet you Brooks Alexander!