Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our beach trip

...So I realized we never posted pix from our beach trip with our friends in Corolla! We have too many funny pics to choose from. This one is of the babies and some of the moms. You can imagine the chaos but that was part of the fun. Crying babies, lots of sand-eating, late night girl chats, boys playing Risk and Guitar Hero.

Aren't we a cute group? All the more reason to heed Jrob's suggestion of starting a commune.

Did I mention that Chase has an admirer?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The New Do

Life as a new mom is both exciting and tough. (yes, Krisha writing). I think my desire for security is more than ever now that I have a little one to look after; ironically, our life is less organized, less ideal and more unpredictable than ever! With all of the change of adapting to parenthood, not going out much (mostly b/c of the one car situation, not to mention the gas prices), the thought that we don't know where we'll live (which oddly enough has been an ongoing thought for 5ish months now), and the idea that we will need to start over in another location with another church and another job is overwhelming and a change that I have absolutely no control over.

So I think I understand why women get haircuts so often. Why not change what you can amidst the absurdities of life.. right? worse comes to worse, you either look like you are from the wrong decade (which might I add that curlier hair exposes you me to a slight disadvantage of looking 80's if anything goes haywire) or it'll grow back. So here's me.. controlling what I can in my current status of mommyhood. Chase doesn't tug on it during nursing as much so I thought that taking the risk to go short was worth it!