Monday, August 31, 2009

what! what! for washies

Hey friends that read my blog! Here's a shout out to my friend Kimberly who is beyond creative and has some neat things to show you on her site!! She is a stay-at-home mom that really loves what she does and loves to do free giveaways!! So comment on her washie post and you just may win some awesome baby items!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Creation long overdue

So, for as long as Chase has been around (probably longer), I have wanted to decorate his nursery with some artwork that included his name. But initially there were some setbacks. We didn't know where we were gonna live (Orlando, St. Cloud, Roanoke, etc.) and the house we were living at (at the time) we were renting and thus couldn't paint the walls.

There is something deep deep in me that craves order and simplicity, but also something that enjoys design and style. I am easily entranced by patterns, certain color combinations, fabric designs and color palettes. I specifically remember, as a child, HAVING to paint my rainbows in color order. I remember my first time in India feeling almost overwhelmed by a whole brighter and richer color palette- the saris, the bangles, the wallhangings sold on the side of the road. Even the servants there wore the most beautiful hues of oranges, reds, bright blues and rich purples. I digress....

So back to my long overdue creation. I've wanted to add my personal touch to each room in my house. There is something innate in me that wants to see that I can create and "love" on each room. I am always initially intimidated by the (what I call) "staged" decor/art that is out there. Like the stuff every other person has as their centerpiece because they got married in 2005 and registered at Target. (You know what I'm talking about!) There is something in me that envies the cleanness of those pieces but hates the fact that they are not original. They have no story behind them.

In my mind, I envision what I want to create and then the perfectionist in me fights with the visionary in me until one wins. In many cases, I do not create for fear of failing to execute exactly what I had in mind. But in the case of Chase's nursery (if I can even call it that since he's practically a little man now), my artistic side sucker-punched my pragmatic side for even doubting!

You like how Zoe sneakily crept into this picture even though she's not aloud in Chase's room?

I'd like to say it's exactly what I had in mind.. Well, it comes pretty close actually. Only one minor detail. My art refuses to be art and instead prefers to be sculpture. In fact, the harder I press them against the wall, the more the art insists on existing on the floor. So attached is the picture when the art was cooperating and hanging nicely along Chase's wall.

What do you think? Definitely not perfect. But, very me (and by "me" I mean my style). Some boldness, some consistency, some simplicity with a little bit of flare. All in very clean order.

Now on to finding a way to prevent this art from becoming flying saucers...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chase's Adventures

Chase enjoyed spending some quality time with his Aunt Catherine and his Grandma Whited!! He played at the park and explored the slide, tunnels, and swings.

Ready to explore

Hugs from Grandma Whited


Silly Aunt Catherine!!

Chase aspires to go as high as day, little man. One day.


Chase loves swinging! Especially with Grandma!

Not sure about the big blue tunnel

Chase laughs hysterically when we put him in the same room with Zoe. She usually licks him right under his chin which is his ticklish spot.

Chase also went on his first boat ride! Well, I guess it counts (since he was sleeping). He was so tired at the church picnic at the lake that he fell asleep in Brian's arms once the boat motor started. Anyone with a toddler knows that is a rare event that your child will go to sleep in your arms this old. Needless to say, he was tuckered out.

A rarity! Chase is sitting in my lap while we watch the sign language video

Chase is now 16 months old and all over the place! He is toddling everywhere. His newest obsessions are: going up and down steps, opening and closing doors/cabinets, giving me things like his toys and his food (I like to think he's sharing), laughing at Zoe, and brushing his own teeth. He also laughs and smiles every time we say "amen" after blessing the food.

He still sleeps like a champ! Long nap in the morning and always sleeps through the night! We are soooo blessed that he just loves his sleep! He still enjoys being held with his blankie and sung to sleep. The minute I put that blanket on my shoulder he lays his head down on me like clockwork. It's absolutely my favorite part of mommyhood. I think God knew I needed a cuddly kid. As you can probably tell, his hair is getting lighter and curlier and his eyes are still a rich but brilliant blue. He's such a beautiful sweet lil guy. We really treasure having him in our family.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Newfound excitement

I have to confess that I haven't been in the habit of pouring myself over Scripture and contemplating its profundity; but lately my interest in understanding Scripture has been sparked. I almost always journal each Sunday so that I can capture what the pastor is saying and honestly it helps me pay attention. I was like the opposite of most students back in college where kids would bring their computers or their notebooks to have an escape so that if class got really boring, they could have an "escape"; I actually bring my journal to focus. My journal is where I explore, where I find myself, where I find God and where my thoughts go from foggy anxieties and to-do lists to deep, intense thoughts that usually point me to the throne of my Maker. I can't say they always do that- there are many times my journal is just my outlet of raw emotions that would mortify me if anyone actually read- but do I have some of my most fluid thoughts here.

Journaling and worshiping in song are two of the most cathartic practices I have ever experienced. Suddenly my heart is softened and I'm able to hear God more clearly and understand more profoundly. I am confessedly a charismatic Presbyterian if there ever was such a thing. I don't mean speaking in tongues, but I do mean belief that the Spirit almost always evokes some sort of emotion and I am learning how to embrace that and even express that unashamedly!

I am grateful for times when the gospel truly does taste sweeter and sweeter. I cannot claim that my walk is a forever-improving, path of infinite bliss. Surely it is not! In fact most (inlcuding my husband) would say my general temperament is more closely aligned to Eeyore than Jesus! (Sad to say!) BUT- I can sense in those intimate moments when we are singing a hymn where the words are so rich and the meaning is so so deep that I am shaken to the core.

O Love that will not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be.

O light that followest all my way,
I yield my flickering torch to thee;
My heart restores its borrowed ray,
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
May brighter, fairer be.

O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.

O Cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
And from the ground there blossoms red
Life that shall endless be.

I am constantly encouraged by hearing the Word preached at our church. The pastors do such a tremendous job of pointing us to Scripture and reminding us that His Word is more precious that silver or gold. The pastor gave a neat analogy today of the goldminers during the Gold Rush and how they were men of common jobs (not outdoorsmen with no training in survival) who put 100 lb. packs on their back, hiked 20 miles in steepening elevations that were thousands of feet high, risking their very lives for a chance at being rich. Not a guarantee. A CHANCE. The number that actually made the trek was large compared to the percentage that got rich. And all for what? Just a chance at making it big. Do we as Christians treat God's revealed will in His Word as that gold? Is that our treasure? Would we hike miles for it? I was convicted for sure. It reminded me of the Bibleless peoples that Wycliffe and many other Christian organizations are tirelessly sacrificing to reach. My former boss one time did a devo that made a comparison of how many Bibles we have sitting around the house while there are indigenous groups dying without access to God's Word. It really made me think of how much we take God's Word for granted. There are many being persecuted for their desire to serve God, know God, want His Word in their language. It was convicting for sure.

Do we, here in the U.S., count God's wisdom as more precious than gold?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hitting the books

You thought I meant Brian, didn't you? Well, yes, he will be joining Chase soon to study for exams that will lead to his ordination in the fall Lord-willing!!
Chase resembles his daddy in many ways. Here are some photos of Brian (when he was little) and Chase:

Monday, August 03, 2009

Those Churchillian Jowls!

I admit I (Krisha) have a love-hate relationship with my english bulldog. Zoe, is so entertaining at times and also so stubborn that her will against my will feels like WWIII has broken out!! I'm not sure who is more stubborn. With Chase in the mix, sometimes it feels like I have two toddlers exerting their will against me! Her latest object of complete fear (no paranoia - those that have seen her response to trash cans, bicycles, the infamous skateboard, or anything that moves or is large know that she must have some kind of mental disorder!) is the bug-zapper out back. Yep, in our nice quaint fenced backyard. What good is a backyard if my dog is to paranoid to set food in it?

Zoe is enjoying her new quarters where she is sectioned off to the kitchen and the breakfast nook which has become a doggy-nook. I do plan to put up my Zoe art in her nook because every man or canine should adorn there home, right?

In the years BCWB (before Chase was born), Zoe was our main source of entertainment. We'd take her to parks to play with other bulldogs and have a blast! We'd create games out of seeing if we could come up with a sound that she'd never heard that would make her head turn and that person would get a point. We started running out of sounds as she got older and more familiar with things. But... yesterday, as I was watching some youtube videos (which I must admit, I go on to look up funny bulldog videos), we saw one of bulldog puppies. Here was Zoe's response:

And if that didn't make you laugh, watch this video.

Brian and I found 2 other videos on youtube- one made us laugh histerically (Chase included) and the other made us tear up! The first is a video of a "time warp" done where dogs run into a lake and a video is taken of them shaking themselves try and then it shows what it looks like in slow mo! Needless to say, the bulldog was everyone's absolute favorite!! See for yourself!!

What did you think? Now you understand the title to the blogpost?

The second video was like a memorial video for a bully that died. It had the bully's name and then said "RIP". Brian and I kinda laughed and then started getting teary-eyed thinking that bulldogs don't live very long. Like 8-10ish years.

Here are some bulldog pop-culture facts from wikipedia (you know, in case jeopardy ever has that category, you'll be well-informed):

Bulldogs have been widely featured in popular culture. In several cases they are portrayed as bullies; children will say a bulldog looks "tough", but in fact modern bulldogs' temperament is very social and lovable.

If you read nothing else in this post, by all means, view the youtube video!! It's hysterical!!! You'll see jowls in a way you've never seen them before!