Friday, October 05, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Newest Art Endeavor

Here is a picture of my latest "house decor" addition. I am always trying to simplify and decorate at the same time. I had been toying with the idea for a long time to find a way to integrate C & S's artwork without committing to it taking over my house.  As a parent of a pre-schooler,  you collect many a piece of artwork. I wanted something in our upstairs hallway, which is the only space in my house that had not been splashed with paint. If you know me, you know I love color. But I also love clean lines, minimalism, and practicality. I do not like lots of stuff and though I'm not really sentimental with "things," photos and art fall into a different category for me.

I remember LOVING art class as a kid and enjoying any opportunity to be creative. I distinctly remember: pastels, pencil sketches, collages, painting, clay, mod-podge, scratch paper art, scuplting, making my own cartoon stamp pad, making marbelized art using chalk, making tie-dyed art, and faux stained glass art using tissue paper. I am stoked that Chase is finally at the age where he likes to paint and color and Sophie has jumped right in at age 2! She's pretty coordinated with writing utensils. However these photos include Chase's work in both frames.

I found these affordable but clean looking display cases at TJMaxx. Seeing these magnetic display cases inspired me to paint the last space in our house that was dull and colorless. I went with a muted grey/blue because paint on our walls always turns out obnoxiously brighter than I desire. So these cases were perfect because I found two (one for each kiddo) and I found an ornate one (with hints of the same light blue as the paint) that I intend on using for adult inspiration, like verses and quotes. I think Jackson Pollack would approve of Chase's art (on left) that I like to title "Forest." Pretty sophisticated for four. I always loved rainbows as a kid so Chase tried his tracing skills with watercolors after I drew a crayon rainbow first. We enjoyed figuring out how to make indigo.

Also, I had debated taking down Sophie's mobile (made by my friend Kim Jordan), but it was right around the time I was trying to find a creative solution for Sophie's bows without paying too much. So Kim's adorable mobile that she made for Sophie with the birdies has morphed into an adorable retro bow/barrette holder.