Friday, April 05, 2013

my alter ego


So sometimes when I get bored of my normal curly hair I decide to bring out the alter ego. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE MY CURLY HAIR and I wouldn't trade it for anything. All of those comments "People with curly hair always wish their hair was straight"... NOPE. Doesn't apply. Curly hair is way easier and less maintenance which is good considering I don't do high maintenance. But occasionally when I want something different for a day, I like to pretend I'm someone different and try out the lifestyle of a straight-hair person. Usually 35-45 min into straightening it, I remember why I rarely ever do this. But... I must stay it's kinda cool to put my hands through it. I feel like a different person. You can actually see that my cut has shape to it when it's straight, whereas curly hair almost always looks the same. 

Anyways, I've always wanted to take a pix of me next to my sis when our hair is straight. In fact, when I ask Sophie and Chase how I look after straightening it, they both say "like Aunty Nu-Nu." And when I wake Sophie up the next morning (and ehmm haven't washed my hair- because WHO is gonna spend 45 min. straightening your hair for only 1 day?!), she says "still Nu-Nu."

 Can you see the resemblance when I straighten my hair?
(Do we look like half-Indian princesses? hehe)

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Chase's 5th Birthday (Lego party)

 Giant lego head (which is actually a lego sorter)
 My lego banner! (Thanks to my mom, Kim, and Brooke for contributing!)

 No I didn't let the kids punch each other. But I think this is the first b-day I came up with games. Aren't y'all proud since you know how much I "love" kid games?

 Duplo toss

 Pin the dot on the lego

 Birthday cake with edible lego candy! 
(I have to admit that was my favorite part of the party. Edible lego candy = a hit!)

 Grammy B & Liam

 Freeplay with legos

 Brooke and Baby Katie

 Liam, Uncle B, and Nu-Nu (check out Liam's face! HA!)


goody bags