Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Renu got Married

This is a little late, but for anyone who didn't know. Krisha's sister, Renu, got married to Bryan Musslewhite on April 21. (Sorry, Dr. Chris France, you missed your opportunity to win over this beautiful lady. By the way, a big congrats to Dr. France, who is the first real doctor friend that I know.) Krisha and I had a great time at the wedding. I got to meet a few of Krisha's relatives from India, including: Uncle Kish, a free spirit who loves to travel and has offered to take me to the Himalayans in India; Cousins Sumit and Mohit, a pair of friendly brothers who run a fertilizer business; and Sumit's son, Karan, aka the Great Wall of China because of his keeper skills.

Other highlights included seeing my family, Krisha bringing out the Michael Jackson dance, visiting the highpoint of Roanoke City, Mill Mountain Star, and visiting a geocache, which was very close to where Krisha and I started dating.

For more pictures of the wedding, click here.