Friday, September 28, 2012

First Day of Pre-school

 Here are some picture of Chase's first day of preschool! Sophie wanted to put on her bookbag too even though she stayed home with mommy.


She definitely missed Chase when he was gone. Can you tell he's under there?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SO MUCH LOVE! (JMU friends reunion at Kiptopeke)

This trip that we took (following our Corolla trip) to visit JMU friends at Kiptopeke State Park... all I can say is... "So much love!"

So much love for this little dude who is such a good traveler

So much love for Sophie's "cheekyness" (as Chase calls it)

So much love that one little boy would sacrifice his room
for two other little boys to take over the train set! Thanks Caedmon!

So much love of the bond between Mr. gorgeous blue eyes and that adorably affectionate girl

So much love that Kim has room for even more kiddos!
This woman has no fear of loving!

So much love from Aunty Jrob that my kids still ask to see "Jenny from the beach"

So much love that Kathryn thinks Sophie is her very own babydoll and Sophie just

So much love that Sophie's favorite part was being tickled by "Kaff-rin"

So much love for this quirky little dude

So much love for this mass of curly hair

So much love for this dear friend who shines the love of Christ on my
little ones and grabs a hug & kiss even when my kids don't want to give one! (ehmmm Chase)

So much love for our friends, the Weissmans, who made the trek with short notice just to visit us (of whom I unfortunately did not get a pic)

So much love for these cutie patooties in tiny little bathing suits!

So much love for the fun that can be had out in nature and
that bonds that we pray will be formed for life!

So much love that the Jordans would open up their home to ALL of us!
(Notice I didn't say "so much love for all the chaos..." haha. I am a realist.)

So much love for these two- and how they minister to each other and us!

So much love for the bond I have with this little girl (Sophie's first toe-nail painting)

So much love for this perfect little beach that was just the right fit for our kiddos to wade.

(Cristen contemplating SO MUCH LOVE)

So much love that our friends Dan & Kim would ask us those deep and hard questions:
how are you REALLY doing?

So much love that Jrob (not only wasn't annoyed by the bazillion kids but)
counted it a blessing to love on Sophie

So much love that Kim prepared days in advance for our visit
(and this is probably the only time she really sat! And even here has a baby in her lap!)

So much love that friends would come from far and wide, with luggage & "baggage," with grace and not without striving, to enjoy each other regardless of where God has us in life right now.
So. Much. Love.