Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza

Here are some photos from the Easter Egg Hunt that I took Chase to (only to find that arriving 5 min early was clearly not enough time b/c the kids jumped the gun and got all the eggs as we were making our way up the hill.) Oh well. Chase didn't really know what he missed. And my friend's son was nice enough to give Chase some of his eggs. Thanks Loftin!

Kathryn, Chase, & Loftin

(Notice how Kathryn is holding Chase's hand so he doesn't run away. Otherwise I don't think Chase would have stood still for the picture as he hates photoshoots! Good job Kathryn!)

Here I am (large and in charge!)

Here are my preggo friends Brooke & Simonne- aren't they cute preggos?!

Cristen's artistic belly shot of us :)
It makes me giggle b/c we look like easter eggs.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pregnancy pix

I realized that it's a rare occasion that I ever get in a picture, especially with Chase as he hates the camera. But I did want to at least have one preggo pix of this pregnancy to be able to show our baby girl.

I also attempted to get one of Chase giving me a kiss! Thanks hubby for catching that one on camera.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My curly-headed boy at 23 months

signing "eat"

look at those curls!

My Frugalista Picture Project

Since we moved here (July 09), I have not been able to decide on a centerpiece above our fireplace. This is the main focal point you see when you come in our home and although I made great progress painting, I just couldn't decide what would be big enough to fill that space. Well, I"m proud to say, I finally picked out some family pictures (which will soon be outdated once baby girl is born!); I made 11x14's (for $2.87 a piece) of each and I purchased floating frames on sale for $2 each at A.C. Moores! So that's printing/framing 6 large photos for less than $30!!

Notice that Zoe made it on our wall!

Most of these (except for the Zoe photo and the one where Chase has red on) were all taken by Beth Simmons!

I'm excited that I can switch out photos at a cost of $2.87!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Chase in the past couple days has added some words to his communication:

"cheeeeese, " "ouchee," (for when something hurts), "ooh baby", "wawa" (for water), and what sounds like my commonly-used expression"allrighhhht"; and he just started signing "eat," "drink," and "milk." This may seem like small progress since I've literally being saying these words and signing them since he was about 6 months old, but for those that know my son, he takes his time and chooses when he wants to introduce a new word to his vocabulary.

His faves are still "all done" and "hot!" "oh nooo!" He continues to ramble his normal "mama", "dada," "zee-zee" (for Zoe), and "car."
Chase and daddy

And here are some pix of my nephew for funsies!

My mom holding baby Asher

How CUTE is my nephew?!