Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My Sweet Sophia

My sweet Sophia. When did you get so big? You are such a joy to me. You have a delightful big personality squeezed into a little girl with curly hair and huge cushy cheeks. You still have those twinkly eyes and you have such sweet expressions. I love how you suck your middle fingers while you twirl your hair when you are tired. Or how you have those funny wide-eyed expressions when you babble something as if you are telling us something so very important. I also am amazed at how quickly you are learning. You are already walking, totally eating big people food (you are an amazing eater!), you clap, dance, sign ("milk," "hi," and "thank you") and I caught you saying "hi dada" (your first sentence!) on camera! You are an amazing sleeper (once we figured out all your nursing issues)! You really defied all my fears of what having a little girl would be like. I guess I kinda feared the pink-pretty-pretty-princess stereotype. But, Sophes, you are seriously a gorgeous baby with a magnetism to people. You are lovely inside and out. And best of all, you are a daughter of the King.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

B's bday adventure

So for B's bday, we went on a "canopy tour" in West VA. What's a "canopy tour", you ask? Well it involves zip-lining and sky bridges along the beautiful trees/mountainside. B found an opportunity to go for free and he planned it! That's the best bday present ever. One I didn't plan and that truly pleases the hubby. I can save my color-coordinated cupcakes, mixed CD, and scavenger hunt with mushy love letter for another birthday... whew!

celebrating B's 30th bday together

aren't we cute (in a dorky-helmet kinda way)?

sky bridge

I kept ending short of the platform... DOH!

birthday kiss

Happy birthday, Hubby!