Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ballerinas, watermelons, & pancakes

Mini-me doing her first ballet class at the YMCA
 What is crazy is that she has the same teacher I had 27 years ago!!!! Miss Julie!
 How cute is this?

hop! hop! hop!
 and twirl. 

 And now for a little practice at home (with Chase-buddy included)....
Who remembers watermelon/pancake from ballet? 
Watermelon = flat stomach and pancake= fat belly



One of the few games where the kids actually enjoy following my commands. You should try it at home. It's pretty silly. And no tu-tu's included so your boys can participate.

Sophia's Big Girl Room

 I write with much excitement and some sadness that after 5 years, there is no more crib! Sophia is now in her big girl bed (I know, a little late since she is a mature 3). But can you blame me? She was perfectly content in it and it allowed me to sleep longer and keep office stuff in her room without her pressing all the buttons on our printer! I searched and searched and used some birthday money to buy her one that has a trundle with an extra twin bed underneath. We are always needing creative ways to host more people and this way she has an extra bed to offer but without taking up the space of a full bed. And I even found one in espresso to match her furniture from before. Brian assembled. It was quite an arduous task. We also had an extra body pillow which I found an adorable cover for that happened to match an accent color of her comforter.
 So we have the same color scheme b/c I wanted to keep her adorable birdy valance and fabric-covered canvases but added some owls in there 
(Can you tell decorating this room brings me so much joy?)
 Owl trash can
 Wooden hand-carved owl from India
 Changing table turned dresser
 reading chair near the window (still need to tackle organizing the shelf)
 Owl comforter/sheet/sham set I was so excited to find for cheap at TJMaxx. We also have some adorable owl sheets my friend Liz sent us that I can put on the trundle mattress once we buy one!
 Owl boxes I searched and searched for and finally found in almost identical colors to her bedding!
 Big girl dresser

Such a big girl and yet I still see her as so "baby" as she sucks her fingers and twirls her hair
 G'night my little Sophie-owl!! I am sure I will see you early next morning as there is no crib to prevent you from climbing out of your bed anymore!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New England, Beer, Kheir-packages, and La familia Vargas

New England, Beer, Kheir-packages, and La familia Vargas: What do these have in common?

Well, as we passed through Scranton, PA (paying homage to The Office) we headed up the coast to Providence, Rhode Island to stay with our friends extended family. We spent a week there with "la familia Vargas" and we spoke much Spanish! It was fun experiencing life in New England and I must say there is a Dunkin' Donuts every 5 ft. Not kidding. I'm not sure what the southern equivalent would be: dollar stores, or gas stations, or maybe even stop lights?! Yep. THAT many Dunkin' Donuts. Here are some pix of our friends:

 B carrying Sophes
 Samy carrying James

 treehuggin' whiteds

 Both sets of kiddos going for a bike trailer ride

Chase & Sophie with their alien faces
And what about beer? Well, Brian's cousin-in-law took us for a tour at the Sam Adams brewery near Boston where we heard the entire process of beer-making and even got a free tasting at the end. Sorry Sam Adams, but the Boston Lager is not my favorite. However your sour stout was quite delish. 

 Pretending to hold hops which actually stunk but which Brian loved the smell of and was contemplating rolling around in as a testdrive for a beer-inspired men's cologne
 Beer tour (I'm trying to take mental notes so next time I am in a conversation, Brian will be impressed with my beer terminology like "wert", "finish," "alpha acids," and "tannins." Yeah your wife is cool.)

 Who is feeling hoppy now?
 Sophie getting in her baby snuggles

I also got to reunite with my DEAR friend Laura who sends me care-packages or what I like to call "Kheir-packages" with a ton of ADORABLE hand-me-downs for Sophie. I finally got to meet her kiddos whom I have only seen in pictures and prayed for since they were in her womb. I loved seeing where she resides and just how life is done in Boston. I don't know if I could do "city-life" but man am I proud of her! Laura and I go way back... Maracaibo, and even JMU! I think she was the first among my college friends to get married! I have learned a lot and laughed a lot with her during all those years. And thankfully, we still keep in touch over the years. We share a lot including that our kiddos are mixed and quite exotically adorable if I do say so myself.

 Laura & me and our clans (are mixed kids the cutest?) 
Betcha can't guess which are half-Egyptian and which are half-Indian?

 Mary & me
 La casa de la familia Vargas (just kidding)
 So if I look no more tan after vacation, think "rain every day except for this picture"
and think cliffs, not beach (believe me if I could've laid out on the rock I would have)
but we still had fun (contrary to Chase and Evi's faces)
 Sophie deciding she was done with walking

 Chase flying a kite
 Me sporting white capris and enjoying soft dry grass which seemed kinda hard to find in a rainy city. There was something therapeutic about running around soft grass barefoot even though it wasn't the beach.
 Eating outside which was fabulous!
 la familia Vargas
... and we're done.