Thursday, June 20, 2013

The end of an era... THE OFFICE era.

Thursday May 16th was probably a pretty normal day for most of you. But for Brian and I, it marked the end of an era. You see, for 8 whole years we would sit and laugh together (sometimes with friends) at The Office every Thursday night. We have been married for this long. Eight years. So as long as Brian and I have shared life together, this show has been a Thursday commitment. We intially bought some of the first seasons on DVD, and when we realized it was going to go on and on (for like NINE seasons!), we stopped. This was the one show that we both equally liked, equally quoted and equally reserved time in our schedule to watch and laugh together. 

So, as we traveled to visit friends and family this summer, we payed tribute to The Office. We spent the night in Scranton, PA, where the series was based. Though there is no real "Dunder Mifflin," Brian did his research and discovered that even though the show wasn't filmed here, it does allude to some of the city's landmarks. So if you are an office fan, you'll especially appreciate this:

 Froggy 101 (anyone remember the sticker on Dwight's desk?)
 Us being super cool singing 
"Goodbye Toby. It's been niiiice. Hope you find your paradiiiiise."

 Scranton here we come!
 You may recognize this name from the episode “Launch Party,” where Michael Scott tries to befriend his disgruntled employees by ordering takeout from their favorite pizzeria. The funny part is that when the pizza arrives, the workers discover it isn't Alfredo’s Pizza CafĂ©, but rather Pizza by Alfredo’s! Apparently Kevin (who eats just about anything) complains that the pizza tastes “like eating a hot circle of garbage." Thankfully Alfredo's Pizza was pretty good in person. 

 "SCRANTON! WHAT?! THE ELEC-TRIC CITY!" (So Michael & Dwight came up with a rap- perhaps a Beastie boys knockoff about Scranton.)

 Mifflin Ave (we saw the street sign... maybe this inspired Dunder Mifflin Paper)

 Scranton sign inside of the mall
 We were hoping to find some remnant of the show like the giant Dwight head in the glass elevator. Brian hysterically approaches the mall cop: "hey do you know where the Dwight poster is?"
Cop: "Who?"
Brian: "Dwight." (without stating any reference- as if EVERYONE in Scranton should be on a first-name basis with Dwight Shrute.)
 Unfortunately no Dwight or Michael Scott or Jim & Pam. Not even a Meredith or an Oscar. But I did find this hiding behind a booth in the mall!

 Steamtown Mall playground

 Remember Stanley and Pretzel Day at work? Stanley's favorite day. Period.

See ya Steamtown Mall! 
Ok so those random shots don't really compare to the bizillion laughs we had over The Office quotes. I would share some but they aren't really G rated so I'll just let you watch re-runs on hulu.
Ok ok, well I think hubby and I laughed the hardest when Michael and Dwight drove their car into the lake b/c the GPS lady told them to.  

Or pretty much anything Kelly Kapoor:

and can't forget the Office Olympics or my personal favorite- Michael's Diwali song:
And if you aren't convinced the show was that cool, the Decemberists performed "Sons and Daughters" with Dwight playing along:
Some clips of Michael:
If you haven't had a chance to watch the full season, I still recommend it. The finale was well-done considering it had to bring closure to 8 years of the show.  We are hopeful that somewhere out there, some ingenious writers will bring together another show of relationships, hardships, the mundane with charm, wit, ridiculously absurd improv style humor that will be "incaculable."


Monday, June 17, 2013

Home Improvements!

 I am excited to say that we finally got a different couch! We are grateful to have inherited so much free furniture (seriously- our home is a testimony to God being Jehovah Jireh, our Provider). From dining table/chairs, to side chairs, to couch, glider, computer, bedding, Indian wallhangings, custom-made nursery decor, our house SCREAMS "God provides!!!!") Our latest additions are: the craigslist couch we bought in surprisingly good shape (and leather!), the adorable retro birdie pillows (2pk for $20 at TJMaxx! That's crazy cheap for cute pillows, the chalkboard crates that I use for shoes, books, and for coffee in the kitchen. And the under $5 Krisha-original "W" that adorns our fireplace to match the pillows.

 Now for the outside: Check out the new storm door, "lap pool blue" painted craftsman door, 
 with matching wooden swing which daddy made (good thing he was a boy scout!),

 new dahlias and gerbera daisies,

 a bright teal basket, a new hosta and...........

 .... my favorite part....
 the Etsy wreath I purchased (ehmmm early bday gift)
 Isn't it cute with the chevron burlap and the "W"?

 If you are looking for an affordable way to bring some curb appeal to your home, check out  She was wonderful to work with and did an awesome job on my custom order!

Sweet Sophia's Ice Cream Shop!

So we did an ice cream cone themed b-day for Sophia's 3rd. 
It was super simple (well... as simple as any kid's b-day can be) and cute!

 I know they look like each other. But don't they look like they like each other here? 
Sure is cute when I catch it on film.
 Sophie in her b-day outfit Grammy B gave her
(which mommy didn't let her wear the day of the party since it was an ice cream extravaganza)

 the Robinsons
 If you were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be and why? I'd prob be like mocha chip or something. B/c I can be strong (like coffee flavor) but also sweet like the chocolate chips in it.

 Little artists
Chase's, Colin's, & Kathryn's art
(Did anyone catch the chocolate syrup on Kathryn's?) 

  Johnny diggin' my balloon ice cream cone
 Sophie giving daddy hugs

 Ice cream cone shirt (cute find Grammy!) and Indian bangles (thanks Papi!)

 Love this photo!

 From this.... this! (Poor baby Liam)
 Sophie trying to cup his face to kiss him
 She went for the forehead kiss
 Toppings in cute Target tins
 Brian's artsy shot
 bird's eye view
 Asher showing Sophie the bow & arrow set from Brave 
and Sophes playing with the ice cream cone

 Chase offering Liam the inflatable ice cream

 Nu-Nu and Liam
 Jason & baby Katie
 It's raining.... hello kitty... NO... men... NO.... toys!

 Sweet Sophia's Ice Cream Shop 
(Can I say my favorite part was the miniature ice cream cones using shelf liner as the waffle cone? That's a Krisha-original.)
 Party favors were little parfait cups filled with toppings and adorned with an adorable ice cream cone card with ribbon. Prep: Make sure no one has any allergies to anything (like the rare case someone is allergic to gummy worms. or sugar. period. hehe) Recipe: Mix Pretzel M&Ms, sour gummy worms, marshmallows, skittles, chopped oreos, white choc chips, iced animal crackers, & candy legos! Yields: one HUGE sugar comatosis (You're welcome, parents.)