Wednesday, December 07, 2011

quotables from the kiddos

Chase: Is Zoe Sad? Why does she have a frown?
Mom: She's a bulldog, so she just looks like that all the time.
Chase: Sometimes I get sad when I poop in the floor.

Chase: The yellow is smashing.
Mom:You mean the yellow light is flashing (at an intersection)? (realizing we thought it was cute Chase says smashlight instead of flashlight... now Chase has graduated to the gerund form of smashlight)

Chase: Yes that would be wonderful, mommy! (referring to chocolate milk)

Chase: Can we listen to huh-rise huh-rise please? (the "Arise, my soul, arise" song is his favorite car song)
Sophie: (copying Chase) "her-riiiise" "her-iiiiiise!"

Sophie: No! No! we-we! (telling Zoe she can't come through the gate as she sticks out her leg just as mommy does to block Zoe.)

Chase: Do you want to take a bath Sophie?
Sophie: Uh-uh (shaking her head)
Chase: I think she wants to stay stinky, mama.

Mom: Sophie. Look! Who is this ornament?
Sophie: We-we (referring to Zoe). Buh! (followed by 5 min of laughter. Apparently hanging a fat bulldog ornament on a Christmas tree is funny to a one year old.)

Mom: Do you know what these are for? (referring to Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace)
Chase: For your shoes. (pretty clever kid. only there are 4 right feet.)