Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

 With the first day of school comes school shopping, early bedtimes, kindergarten orientation, enjoying the last few days of summer and getting into routine. Because there is a lot of dispute over what each kid needs to do each morning, I made some charts. Chase is very visual and does better with directions in the form of icons than he does being told "go  back and pick up your socks and put them in the basket." Also, the icons are so easy for Sophie that she can "read" the chart without even knowing the words.

Morning Routine

 Nightime Routine

Chase's schedule so he can see it in his room and doesn't ask me like 2,789,355 times what is gonna happen next. I know I feel more at ease when I can rehearse the day in my head so I figured that his constant "then what?" will be more satisfied if he can see the answer himself. It's pretty much like a kindergartner's version of a google calendar.

 Pumpkin muffins for breakfast

 Chase holding up the "K" that somehow got smudged
 silly Chase and grumpy Sophie
 sillier and grumpier
 I'd like to say Chase is being silly because he's excited (which he was somewhat) but it's usually that he doesn't sit still for pix and sticks out his tongue when you ask him to smile. And well, Sophie looks sad that Chase is leaving for Kindergarten, but truly she was just being pouty. But aren't they still adorable even if you didn't know that?

 My little dude off to conquer his first day of school!