Saturday, February 21, 2009

Such a Blankie Kid!

I'm proud to announce that Chase is a blankie kid, just like his mom!!! (Not to mention thumb sucker...braces here we come!) In fact, he does this cute thing where he'll crawl to a blanket, put his head down, cuddle up to it, and suck his thumb. But not just any blanket. So far he's only done it with the super plush ones that my mom, Aunt Donna, or Aunt Jean has given us. Pretty much anything that feels like fleece.

So we were strolling around a clothing store the other day and Chase was sitting in the shopping cart seat and obviously sleepy. He leaned over to one of the racks of fleece jackets that he happened to notice, grabbed the sleeve, and nestled into it just as if it were a blanket. I thought it was the cutest thing ever that he's that into cuddling and that he equated a sleeve to a blanket since it was the same material! What ingenuity!!

He will put his head down on us if we put a blanket on our shoulder. He'll put his head down on the ground if there is a blanket there. He'll even crawl across the room to find a blanket on a couch, then proceed to stand up and lay his head on it while he sucks his thumb. It's so sweet! Brian and I love it!

This one I think was before his little haircut! Notice how curly his hair looks when it's wet. This one is post-bath and Chase is saying goodnight to daddy as daddy hits the books hard for his ordination exams!

Here's a video that I just happened to catch: the blanket was across the room and Chase crawls to it, puts his head down, burrows in it, and then sucks his thumb.

So all you kids out there who wanna be cute there are just 4 simple steps:

1) Obtain a blankie (must be a plush one)
2) Burrow your face in it
3) Suck your thumb (sorry a passy just won't do)
4) Be the epitome of cuteness

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thanks Grammy B!

Chase LOVES his glow-worm!! It was his Valentine's day gift from Grammy B! Jackson Sink had one and Chase's eyes got bigger than I've ever seen them when he played with it, so mom and I searched high and low until we found one... (yay for Once Upon a Child!)

Thanks Grammy B!

Zoe licking cupid

Happy Valentine's day

Here's a preview of our Valentine's day:


Fruity yummyness!

Stay posted for Zoe licking cupid...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Who does Chase look like?

I'm still trying to figure out who Chase looks like. Some people tell us that he looks just like his daddy. Big blue eyes, cute rounded nose, and same hairline. And other people say that he has my ears, lips, cheeks and shape of my eyes.

Chase's expression of curiosity

Daddy's expression of curiosity

Chase's pouty face

Mommy's pouty face

Chase as a gnome child

Daddy as a gnome child

Chase's teethy smile

Mommy's teethy smile

So..... what do you think?