Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This season there is a lot of newness.

Can you find the hidden letter? haha

I used to think these were mini grapes as a kid and try to eat them

Purple phlox

Dogwood tree

Brightly colored flower beds

Love this color!


House renovations:

Carport looks much better!

Taaaadaa! (new paint & new windows....same volvo)

Blue Ridge Marathon 2011 (aka Monsoon 2011):

Brian & a friend he met along the way stopped to take a photo during the marathon

Chase giving daddy a hug and telling him "good job dada!"

Brian's marathon buddy, Grace, who did the half-marathon (not pictured: Krisha & Justin who endured the post-marathon dinner conversation... haha jk Grace & Brian. We love you and are proud of you!)

Note- these pictures in no way BEGIN to capture the monsoon that was occurring during the race. In fact if I had my camera with me, it's possible I could have captured the scary moment my volvo almost floated away on Franklin Rd. Not even kidding. Thank you God for allowing me to u-turn and escape with kids in tow. I found some pictures online to justify my sheer terror of being stuck with children in a lowriding car with no way to get home!
Water covers the intersection of Franklin Road and Brandon Avenue.

This was the intersection I am supposed to use to get home! (photo from The Roanoke Times)

A tree fell on a home near the corner of Windsor Avenue S.W. and Winbourne Street S.W.
This was a photo (from The Roanoke Times) of a tree falling on a house in our neighborhood b/c there was a tornado watch. Yep, and my hubby is running in this chaos! But he DID finish thanks to a nice lady who let him sit on her porch and escape the torrential downpour!

Bethany Beach, DE:
"Is that really your leg?" (Chase confused by daddy's wetsuit) Yes Brian went swimming in FREEZING cold water in Bethany Beach. We were just cold watching him from the beach!

Sophie's first pool experience
(My friend gave me this awesome lilly pad floaty thing for Sophie. She loved it! Ribbit!)

Don't ya think Sophie is so cute with her curls?

New haircut:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Chase-isms

"She prob-rey cry first" (he reminds me every time I put Sophie down for a nap)

"Goodness GRACIOUS!" (copying mommy b/c I say that when I lose my patience)

"oh THANK you" (sounds funny in person)

"okey dokey"

"I want my magna doo-doo"

"I wanna say God is great right now" (i.e. he wants to bless the meal)

"I want Soap-ee craw uh-wownd" (telling me he wants her to crawl around, though he changes his mind once she gets into his toys)

"You should get a treat, mommy" (you can probably guess what that refers to)

"Have you seen the muffin man? I want the muffin man." (This started out as daddy's distraction to Chase's daily "I want muffins" pleadings and now Chase thinks there is a real muffin man.)

And my personal favorite: "One day Soap-ee, one day" (which he tells his little sister when I tell him that Sophie is too little do/eat/have something)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday buddy!

Here are some photos of Chase's bday. We had a CARS theme because Chase is obsessed with the movie! He wouldn't really sit still long enough for a shot but I know he had fun. Actually most of the kids were so active I didn't get many pictures. Oh well. It was originally a party for Chase & Titus (since they both have April bdays) but Titus ended up feeling sick! We missed the Moore family but Chase was excited to send them cake and give Titus a Lightning McQueen car!

Jackson & Cristen

Lauren & Brooke

Chase eating some cake

Chase opening a gift from mommy & daddy

CARS cake!

Chase & Sam chowing down!

Mommy & Sophie

Happy 3rd birthday buddy!! We love you!