Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Playroom additions- thanks g'rents!

Our playroom is coming together. Here are two fun gifts Sophie got for her bday from both sets of grandparents. Aren't they cute? Aunty Nu-Nu even got some playfood to put inside that oven and microwave. Chase and Sophie will be pretend-eating pizza and cupcakes every day. Hmmm......Maybe that's why they keep assuming they get a treat after every meal.

Must write down before time flies and I forget:

S: I want boooooooblies.
Me: You want what?
S: Booblies. Yeah. Yeah. I want some.
Me: (Thinking it is way too early for her to be saying what I think she is and reminding myself that I stopped nursing at 12 months so this can't be my fault.)
Me: Can you point to them?
S: (points to fridge)
Me: (confused but opening the fridge)
Me: OOHHHHH! You want BLUEberries.
S: Yeah-Yeah-Yeah!
Me: (relieved)

C: Is this that thing you use for the oven? (a.k.a. an oven mitt)
Me: No, sweetie, that's a puppet.

S: I do it-I do it-I do it! (Getting into carseat by herself)
Me: Ok, you do it.
S: (plays with buckle trying to snap it before she's in the seat)
Me: Sophie, mommy is going to put you in your seat if you are going to play instead of get in your seat.
S: No! I do it.
S: (Discovers she can't get herself untangled) Help it!

C: Mom, I built a cool train track. You have to come here, close your eyes, say 'surprise' and then give me a high five while I jump up and down.

S: I want HOLD you. (all the time!)

C: Hey is that chocolate milk?
Me: Yes, that's chocolate milk.
C: Can I have some.
Me: No, that one is daddy's.
C: Oh, so like he gets to drink that one if he makes it through the night without peeing in his underwear?
Me: Something like that. Yeah.

I've got to get Sophie singing on video. She has the cutest little voice and sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "Bah Bah Black Sheep," "Jesus Loves Me," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and the "ABC song ." If I could bottle up her voice and keep it forever, I would!

Some funny photos of them being silly:

Sophie the cowgirl at Papi & Grammy's
Papi giving Chase a lamp hat

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Richmond, reunions, and "mini-vans"

So we took the opportunity to visit our beloved friends the van Stempvoorts. Since we last saw them (in Roanoke), they have had twins and are up to their ears in cuteness. It was a sweet reunion (especially for me!) who misses Liz dearly! The Richmond trip allowed us to also spend some quality time with Aunt Jean & Uncle Lee and their pups. We also did a Trader Joe's trip which was disappointing as they didn't have my pear cider (that I guzzle every autumn) or the Indiana chocolate drizzled popcorn that I'm now addicted to. We did however buy dark chocolate pretzels which them melted into one giant glob on the way home....

Brian did rapid-fire shooting so I had to include at least one awkward one

Chase reuniting with his buddy Sam who he still prays for a year after we've seen them! Sam is one of the sweetest boys I know and I'm always hopeful his meekness would rub off on Chase!

Sophie playing with the "BABY!!!" Check out Sophie's hair. Yep. That's what happens folks when the AC doesn't work in your car and you must rely on windpower. She would have been so popular in the 80's.
The twinsies, or as Steve calls them "the mini-vans"
( I love that. Get it? The mini- van Stempvoorts.... the "mini-vans." Very clever, Steve.)

So I was really good at telling them apart in person but I'm a little less sure of myself with the pix. I'm thinking this is Annie (above), but Liz can correct me if I have it all wrong.

Miss Rachel (I think.)
I love how instead of holding hands, they are holding toes. Aren't baby feet so cute?!

Steve doing a tremendous job feeding them in their bumbos. Yay for pocket bibs!!

I love this photo. Not because it is flattering. Nope. But the realism....I mean this photo captures the essence of Krisha. A dork, often making myself laugh, yet a cool dork at that, right? I didn't realize I look so dorky when I laugh. (HEY YOU. READER! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?) Kind of a reality check that made me appreciate my own dorkyness. I could be Steve Urkel's twin here. Well.. Liz is one of my wittiest friends ever! She must have made me laugh hard. For the record, I didn't snort.

Us girls, lookin' all girly

The kids (minus two mini-vans who were napping)

The smirk on Sophie's face just makes me laugh.

Liz, thanks for being a friend who helps me laugh at myself and at life's circumstances. You help me see God's grace in every situation and you push me to cling to Him with a down-to-earth-realism and a hopefulness that I love. To God, we owe the strength of our friendship- He must've known we needed each other. If not for wisdom, than at least for some comic relief!! Hope we can see you, Steve, and the mini's again soon! Chase is already asking!