Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow days in our house consist of....

 Building with Lincoln logs (He did it all by himself!)

Sleeping in sleeping bags on our bed 
("because it's like camping, mom!")
Handsome smiles

Couch grumpies
 Post-nap hair
  Tu-tu snowgear
Comfy fleece outfits
 Naps/snuggles/Ipad time

 Family portrait by Chase
 Crazy sophie hair
Wanting to copy big brother
Confused looks by Sophie 
("How did I get into this crazy family?")
 Sophie grabbing Zoe's face and kissing her while Zoe wags her little hook tail
More snoring
 ( I think Zoe has seasonal affective disorder... all. year. long.)

 Smiley cookie cake
 Enjoying the treat... the last bite!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My little Indian Princess

Thanks, Papi, for this ADORABLE outfit in beautiful rich colors. Sophie definitely thinks she's a princess. (True confession: I kinda think so too.)