Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Extravaganzas- 4 & 6

 Chase turned 6 and I got to eat lunch with him. And he even gave his mama a KISS!

 Kissy! Kissy! (Muppets Most Wanted, anyone?)
 Perhaps my favorite pic of me & Chase buddy!
 He's a ham.

 My 6 year old still sucking his thumb. :)
 Papi and Sophie at Chuck E. Cheese

 Chase's beloved angry bird cake

 Grammy & little Liam
 Aunty & Cousin Asher

Papi & Cousin Liam 
 Daddy & Sophie

 Cristen being silly... or a rockstar
Chase's friends Kathryn & Jackson

 Here's my birthday girl who is now FOUR!

 She still has her amazing dimples and Sophilicious cheeks.

 We took Sophia out for her first bubble cake.
 She might've eaten 1/10 of it.

Then more cupcakes at her Princess party at the park! 
These ones I made, so I'm sure they were nowhere near as good as bubble cakes. But she liked them.

 Lauren & Chase (When did they get so old?)
 Chloe, Sophie, and Josh (preschool buds!)
 Asher, Liam, and Kathryn
 Liam, Lucy, and Yates
 Kathryn, Jackson, and Liam
 Lovely mamas- Jen, Cristen, Brooke, Simonne
 Jesse & Jen
 All the lovely mamas

 Nu-Nu and Liam

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