Monday, September 22, 2014

How to summarize a year? Blog recap winter

 Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside his head....

Chase creations

 Brian's weird "stache"
 our alter-egos
 Jrob sillyness
 the Looks

 the gals at France's wedding

 if looks could kill, Crabtree...
 college roomies (go effengee!)
oh yeah and drunk driver hitting our fence and shed

Long winter....

 Lots of snow
 hang time with the Carlsons
 Where's Zoe?

 One super-chevere latina!
 enjoying her Zumba birthday with yours truly as instructor
 New glasses (thanks Dad!)
New car (thanks hubby for all your hard work)
First trip with a car full!

Asha's wedding (Brian's first Indian wedding)

 this is what we'd look like as martians

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