Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blog recap: Spring

Here is a recap of our Spring:
 Easter- we are all about the Resurrection here. And Peeps. 

 For God so loved His Peeps... 

 this face cracks me up

 taking time to stop and smell the.... tulips

 Liam's baptism 4.20.14

 Skunkfest 2014- What you didn't get tickets? We got front row..err..emm.. front porch tickets. I think it was 8 babies skunks to be exact.
 Yates and Josh singing with Sophie
 Sophie and "her Chloe"
 Chase & "his Chloe". Yep they both have friends named Chloe.
 Chase graduated kindergarten!

The shed is finished and painted (labor by Brian, colors by Krisha)! 
And Brian built the rest of the picket fence! 
Take THAT drunk driver who thought'd be fun to plow through it and land in our shed!

 Waverly's birthday!
 First ever stay at the Homestead- best Mother's day gift ever. Meant the world to me.

 Local colors few for these whiteys. I mean Whiteds. :)

 Mother's day celebrating MY MAMA! She is my shining star, don't know a soul more giving or devoted that her. She probably spends way more in gas than I make so that I can work part-time.

 Love my buddy

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